Replantation of totally amputated, crushed and contaminated rt thumb of a farmer.

A young farmer while working at his farm on a thrasher met an accident and got his rt thumb totally amputated. Incidence took place in village of district Vidisha about 70km from Bisoniya Hospital at Bhopal. Patient first went to a private hospital at Vidisha, surgeon of that hospital guided him to come to Bisoniya Hospital. Patient reached Bisoniya Hospital 5 hours after accident.

on examination thumb was crushed and heavily contaminated with straw. Dr Hari Singh Bisoniya cleaned the amputated thumb and replanted it successfully at Bisoniya Hospital.It shows that even crushed and contaminated amputated parts can be successfully replanted if brought to proper centre .

Can imagine the importance of rt thumb of a farmer.

It was 101st successful replantation by Dr Hari Singh Bisoniya.