3 months old injury with total rupture of FPL tendon- reconstruction with PL tendon graft

In old injuries with tendon division/rupture , it is difficult to get approximation of tendon ends for repair , because the proximal end of tendon get retracted. More the time gap since injury more is the retraction.

In such cases options are -either reconstruct the retracted tendon with tendon graft or do tendon transfer.

In this case 28 yrs old male met an accident about 3 months back . He has complaint of pain and swelling at base of his lt thumb and is unable to flex the thumb since then.

On exploration lt FPL tendon was found totally ruptured at base of proximal phalanx of thumb with proximal end of tendon retracted to wrist level. PL tendon graft harvested from lt forearm and used to reconstruct FPL tendon (about 6cm long graft was used).

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