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Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a surgery to remove the excess of tummy skin and fat while offering firmer and smoother abdominal profile. It also tightens the abdominal wall muscles. A well-toned and flat tummy is something many people strive to have by practicing weight control and exercise. When exercise and weight loss programs don’t work, many people opt for tummy tuck surgery.


There are 2 types of abdominoplasty :-

  • Full Abdominoplasty
    • involves the relocation of the umbilicus. The surgeon removes the excess skin and fatty tissue from above and below the navel. The slack abdominal muscles are tightened creating a beautifully flat abdominal wall. The navel is transposed, moved to a more natural position, during a full tummy tuck / full abdominoplasty.

  • Mini Abdominoplasty
    • only infra-umbilical skin fat is removed, and the umbilicus is not disturbed. By removing excess skin and fatty tissue from this area, patients can improve their contours and improve laxity and bulge in the lower abdomen. Typically, the abdominal muscles are spared and not treated.

This surgery flattens your abdomen and improves the appearance as well as self-esteem. This procedure is also found useful in removing stretch marks to some extent.


Mini Abdominoplasty - case1

Abdominoplasty, breast reduction, liposuction in single stage

Abdominoplasty Case1

May I help you?

1. How much time does the surgery take.?

Mini abdominoplasty → 1 - 1 and a half hours

Full abdominoplasty → 3 hours

2. How long is the recovery time?

10 days - 2 weeks.

3. What are the risk and complications related to the surgery.?

  • Delayed healing
  • Infection
  • Necroses of skin (Blackening of the skin)
  • This might not be a complication but patients might not be satisfied with the results of the surgery.
  • Thromboembolism (very rare)

4. What is the cost of this surgery.?

The cost of this surgery is 60,000/- INR.

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