Journey Of Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

Hair transplant (HT) is the permanent treatment of baldness or androgenic alopecia. In HT hair roots are transplanted and from these transplanted roots hairs grow.

Before operation

1 day after HT from sides and back of head to bald area.

Donor area in head was not sufficient so next day hair roots harvested from beard and transplanted in crown (posterior part of bald area)

3 days after Hair Transplant. Donor area over head and beard healed completely.

1 week after Hair Transplant

2 months after Hair Transplant
Photo taken after PRP treatment (needle prick, blood visible).
Period from the end of 1 month to end of 3 months, after hair transplant is most depressing to patients as in most of the cases hair growth is visible after 3 months.

4 months after Hair Transplant

5 months after Hair Transplant

6 and a half months after Hair Transplant

It can be noted that 6months after Hair Transplant appreciable hair growth is visible

So it takes about 10-12 months after Hair Transplant to get maximum and final result of Hair Transplant.
We had harvested 2000 hair roots from beard but hair density in beard looks natural.