Hair Transplant at Bisoniya Hospital, Bhopal

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January 4, 2017
Hair transplant with FUE technique at our centre, Bhopal
March 22, 2017
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3500 grafts ( follicular units) having about 7000 hairs ( 1 to 3 hairs per graft) , transplanted in this patient.

Last photo is immediately after operation. It is to show how it looks after  operation. This is good density about 30 grafts per square cm. Operation is done under local anesthesia and patient is discharged from hospital after the operation.

One can easily imagine the area of baldness that can be covered with 3500 grafts.

This much density gives excellent results of Hair Transplant. In this patient Hair Transplant was done with FUE technique. Procedure done by renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr H S Bisoniya at Cosmetic Surgery Centre, Bhopal